About Us

You only have this life, so you might as well spend it doing the things you love. We have a love of being close to nature, in whatever form that may take. So for us, that might be wild camping, cooking over a campfire in the middle of the wilderness and sleeping under the stars.

It might be wild swimming, particularly cold-water swimming, where you can really feel every element of your environment invigorate you (If we really want to get into the cold, we’ll take an ice bath!).

We call these “high-level experiences”. This Life is all about making the most of your time here. Not with a life of chasing “bucket list” Instagram fantasies that are each as unfulfilling and disappointing as the next, but with real, visceral experiences that are accessible and consistently available.

That’s not to say travel is not on the agenda! Exploration is a big part of our lives, and we love our adventures, whether they are in the UK or abroad. There is so much on this earth to see and experience, and we fill our lives with it.

Staying healthy in body and mind is a big part of it. We are in our 40s now so we do everything we can to maintain wellness, whether that’s through staying active outdoors, great for mental and physical health, or through our love of cooking nutritious meals from scratch.

Not only do we like to maintain what we have, we also want to continue to improve. That’s why we love to write about learning, self-improvement and ways to think about life. We talk about meditation, stoicism, ways to increase productivity and much more.

Whatever it is, if it helps you live this life at a higher level, we’re interested.