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Brass Monkey Ice Bath Review: The Only 0°C Cold Plunge Pool

Brass Monkey Ice Bath Review

So you’ve decided to take the plunge and have an ice bath installed at home. You know all about the benefits of ice baths, and now you’re ready to take things to the next level. You don’t want one of those pimped-up paddling pools everyone seems to be using. You want something that looks like it belongs in your home; something high-end and bespoke. And whilst there are quite a few premium ice baths on the market to choose from, you want the best. If you’re going to do it, you’re going to do it right.

brass monkey ice bath photo

Enter The Brass Monkey Ice Bath

I first heard about Brass Monkey at Community festival, and I knew then they would take the Ice Bath industry by storm. People queued for hours over the entire weekend just to try out the world’s only 0°C ice bath. Watching the enthusiasm of the waiting crowds, it was clear to me that people are always looking for ways to get the edge when it comes to health and wellbeing. And Brass Monkey Ice Baths take things to a whole new level of cold.

The moment I dipped my toe into the Brass Monkey Ice Bath, I knew I was in for an experience like no other. The sensation was immediate, a stark contrast to the ice baths I was used to. The water, precisely calibrated to 0.2°C, embraced me with an intensity that sent shivers down my spine and awakened every sense in my body. It wasn’t just a dip; it was a deep, penetrating embrace of cold that felt invigorating and empowering in equal measure.

The difference those extra few degrees make is astonishing. While ordinary ice baths might hover around 5-10°C the Brass Monkey takes the experience to a level of intensity that really challenges your body and mind. So, to be able to have that every day at home is a truly life-changing thing.

Beyond the physical and mental benefits, using the Brass Monkey Ice Bath at home becomes a ritual, a cornerstone of your daily routine. It’s your personal retreat, a place where you gather your thoughts, reflect on your goals, and prepare yourself mentally for the challenges of the day.

Ice Monkey Ice Bath making own ice

The Only Ice Bath That Makes It’s Own Ice!

There’s no need to add bags of ice to the water anymore. No need for an industrial ice cube maker either. Brass Monkey has patented the technology that creates what they call “ice cycles”. Essentially, sheet ice forms on the base of the bath, and then gets released in cycles. It forms 15-30mm ice sheets that break apart and float to the surface, bringing the water temperature down to 0°C.

Brass Monkey Ice Bath Ice Sheets

You can create more ice if you need to with the “Ice Boost” function. You can really tailor the experience to your preferences, giving you full control. The ice not only intensifies the cold but brings a level of freshness to the experience. I’ve tried a lot of ice baths, and no other product on the market comes close.

Smart Technology & Ultra Efficiency

The app is excellent with a modern, smart-looking interface and intuitive functions. You can schedule the bath to be ready whenever you want it to be, so there’s no unnecessary power being used. There are 6 sensors feeding information back to the software at all times, meaning the temperature control and ice formation is as precise as possible. Using the app means you can also receive any software updates for your ice bath.

Brass Monkey Ice Bath App

The app will track your progress over time and connect your data with Apple Health and Google Fit. The ice bath can even integrate with your smart home devices, including any automations you might want to run.

Guided Sessions

Brass Monkey have partnered with various expert contributors to offer guided ice bath sessions. Not only will the app track the temperature and time of each session, but you will also be guided through your plunge for extra motivation to keep you in the zone. Breathwork is an essential part of cold therapy, and you can use the app to help you breathe your way through any discomfort and help you relax into the session.

Easy Maintenance

Nobody wants to be replacing filters constantly or changing water all the time. Thankfully, you won’t need to do that very often with a Brass Monkey Ice Bath. The filter removes any debris and the UV breaks down viruses, bacteria and other organic material such as dead skin, so the water is kept clean and fresh every time you use it. If you take a quick shower before getting in, especially after a workout or sauna, you’ll keep the water cleaner for longer.

Depending on how heavily it’s used, the filter will need changing around 4 times a year, and water only needs replacing once or twice a year. Replacing water is easy. Brass Monkey supply you with a submersible pump to pump out the water, and you simply refill with a hose. It’s also recommended to change the UV bulb once a year. The app will remind you about this, and there’s live chat available to assist you too.

A Unique Bespoke Ice Bath

Brass Monkey have a range of standard finishes to choose from, including natural wooden tops and sides, aluminium composite or painted steel. Wherever you put your ice bath at home, whether it’s inside or outside, they will help you decide on the best materials and look so it blends seamlessly into your environment. They’ll even custom-build your ice bath if you have special requirements, such as locating the chiller compartment separately, or if you need a bespoke size. Perhaps you want to sink the ice bath into the ground or you’d like to match the cladding with the surrounding area. The possibilities are endless.

There’s even a Whisky Barrel version if that’s your preferred style, that comes with an access step and built-in seat. Each up-cycled whisky barrel has aged in its own unique way, so you can guarantee it will have real character.

Brass Monkey Ice Plunge
Brass Monkey Ice Plunge
Brass Monkey Ice Plunge XL
Brass Monkey Ice Plunge XL
Brass Monkey Barrel & Chiller
Brass Monkey Barrel & Chiller

The Rolls Royce Of Ice Baths

If you’re looking for the best ice bath on the market, you’ve found it. Brass Monkey have developed the coldest ice bath in the world, the only one to make its own ice automatically, and the most customisable ice bath to boot. Whether you choose to lay back and recline in the Brass Monkey Ice Bath, sit up and get neck-deep in the Brass Monkey Ice Plunge, go for a little more leg room with the Brass Monkey Ice Plunge XL, or choose a custom design, you will not be disappointed. Maybe one of Brass Monkey’s Barrel & Chiller combo’s takes your fancy? Whichever model you choose, these ice baths are a class above, and if you’re serious about getting into the cold every day, there is no better investment in your well-being.

Prices start from £6,750 for the Barrel & Chiller, £11,250 for the Ice Bath, £11,750 for the Ice Plunge and £13,250 for the Ice Plunge XL.

Interested? Click here and I’ll see if I can get you a deal!

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