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Gorilla Robe Review: Is This The Best Dryrobe Alternative?

gorilla robe review

Waterproof changing robes are all the rage right now. There has been a surge of interest in things like cold-water swimming and SUP (stand-up paddle-boarding), and with that comes the need to get warm and dry fast after you’ve finished. That’s where the Gorilla Robe comes in.

If you’re wondering why a towel and a standard winter coat aren’t good enough, trust me – when you are trying to change out of wet gear in the freezing cold, a changing robe makes all the difference. Not only is there plenty of room inside a changing robe to move about due to the oversized fit, but the material inside will dry you and keep you warm too. It’s an invaluable bit of kit, and you won’t go back once you have one.

You’ve probably heard of Dryrobe or seen someone wearing one of these oversized coats. But you might not realise that there are plenty of Dryrobe alternative brands to choose from too. So if the price tag of £160 for a Dryrobe Advance seems too expensive, never fear. There are plenty of great waterproof changing robes out there that are cheaper, including one of my favourites from Gorilla Robes.

Gorilla Robe Review

In this review of the Gorilla Robe, I will talk about every aspect of the changing robe, including materials, manufacturing and features. I have personally tested this product, not only after cold-water swimming sessions to change out of my wet gear but also whilst camping, when the weather was unfortunately awful, and on the sidelines of my son’s football matches on chilly winter mornings too, so I can confidently say it has been thoroughly tested.

Gorilla Robes are based in Emsworth in West Sussex. I love supporting local businesses, so it’s fantastic that they manufacture such a good product right here in the UK.

Gorilla Robe

Current Price: £89.95

Gorilla Robe Features

One of the best things about Gorilla Robes as a company is that they listen to their customers. They are constantly innovating to make sure their products keep up with the competition. In 2022 they added some great new features to their ECO Recycled Waterproof Dry Changing Robe that really set it apart.

Robust Waterproof Outer Shell

Gorilla Robes provide a tough outer layer – one that is durable, resilient, and sure to last for many years. It is breathable too, which is important to allow internal moisture to escape the robe, either from being wet after swimming or from body moisture built up over prolonged wearing.

You can really feel the quality, which is great for a robe at this price point. This hardy exterior might not be as soft as some other changing robes on the market but its ruggedness gives it a decided edge in any environment or condition you may encounter. The Gorilla Robe’s thick outer shell is built to tackle anything thrown at it, so you know you’ll stay warm, dry and shielded from the elements. The material has a HH rating of 5000mm, for those that want to know.

I found it to be particularly effective against the wind whilst I was changing on the beach and it kept me warm and dry during a drizzly, blustery, miserable weekend of camping.

Recycled Materials

The robe is made with 100% recycled materials, using an ECO Recycled Rip-stop Nylon fabric that comes from recycled plastic bottles. I think this is great that by supporting Gorilla Robes, you are being eco-conscious. This also means that the Gorilla Robe is the cheapest recycled changing robe on the market – win-win!

gorilla robe side zip
gorilla robe side zip 2 way

2-Way Side Zip

This is genius! They’ve really thought about this feature, which was newly added in 2022 after extensive research and customer feedback. Instead of having a full-length front zip like a standard coat, this poncho-style robe slips over your head and has 2 side zips running from the armpit to the ankle that can be zipped from the top or bottom. This is a really thoughtful addition aimed at making changing inside the robe much easier. It is a changing robe after all!

This nifty little feature means that when you unzip from the bottom, you have so much more room inside the robe to change, which if you’ve ever tried to change under other robes, you’ll know is really important. This for me is a game-changer.

But not only that, the 2-way zips can undo from the top, so if you want to, you can create an access hole meaning you can keep your arms in the sleeves and still get inside the robe. This allows access to trouser pockets for example, which is great when you realise how difficult that would be in most other robes.

Yes, you do lose the ability for it to function as a jacket-style coat, but I think this is a clever sacrifice that brings more to the table for its primary function – being a changing robe!

gorilla robe hot water bottle pouch
gorilla robe front pockets

Kangaroo Pouch

So, this is where the Gorilla Robe really shines. The kangaroo pouch-style pocket design at the front makes it unique. Designing it in this way means it doesn’t have a full-length front zip, so, as I’ve mentioned, it doesn’t open like a coat as most other changing robes do, and it allows for a huge double pocket at the front.

The front pouch is velcro fastened at the top, which is where you might store wet clothes perhaps, although it is ingeniously designed to fit a hot water bottle – perfect! Another fantastic idea to keep you snug and warm. The 2 zipped, fleece-lined pockets for warming hands with said hot water bottle are also great for storing valuables, so you’ll have easy access to your phone when you need it.

gorilla robe sherpa fleece lining
gorilla robe fleece lining

Sherpa Fleece Lining

The inner lining on the Gorilla Robe is soft and thick – a real comfort when you’re wearing it – and it really keeps you toasty. It’s super absorbent too, so it will dry you off in no time. And because of the side zip design, hanging it to dry is that much easier.

Extra-Large Shoulder Holes

Another great piece of design to make changing easier is the extra large shoulder holes. Getting your arms inside this robe is easy thanks to this, which is what you want when you’re cold and wet and just need to get changed as quickly as possible.

gorilla robe hood
gorilla robe velcro cuffs

Keeping Out The Elements

The drawstring hood and velcro wrist adjusters keep the wind and rain from entering the robe. The hood was really comfortable and snug which is not always the case with other changing robes or winter coats, so that’s a big bonus for me. The velcro straps at the wrist are nice and chunky, and do a great job of keeping out the cold.

12-Month Guarantee

To give you real confidence in the product, Gorilla Robe offer a 12-month guarantee, which is not offered by many other companies. They also offer free returns, so your purchase is completely risk-free.

Gorilla Robe

Current Price: £89.95

Gorilla Robe Vs Dryrobe

As the popularity of the Gorilla Robe grows it is inevitably compared to the most popular brand of changing robe – Dryrobe.

I would say the Dryrobe is a little warmer and has more versatility as a winter coat, which might justify the extra spend. But if you are looking for a changing robe for the sole use of getting changed out of wet clothes, the Gorilla Robe has some unique features that give it the edge.

Both the Dryrobe and the Gorilla Robe are made from recycled materials, so either choice is eco-friendly.

For me, the high-quality manufacturing and innovative design of the Gorilla Robe, matched with its affordability makes it the obvious choice as a changing robe. The Dryrobe may tick a couple more boxes, but the Gorilla Robe does what it does exceptionally well.

Of course, the pullover design might not work for you, and if that’s the case, and you don’t want to shell out for a Dryrobe, there are plenty of other Dryrobe alternatives.

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