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Seashell Dry Bag Review

seashell dry bag on a beach at sunset

A dry bag only has one job – to keep your stuff dry. Pretty much any dry bag will do that, and do it reasonably well. But there are times when you need more from a product than just its basic function.

Sometimes you need to keep wet stuff away from dry stuff. Sometimes you need to find smaller items quickly, and they need a separate compartment too. You might want added security for extra peace of mind. And let’s face it, we all want something stylish that looks good when we’re out and about. Enter the Seashell 25L Dry Bag Backpack.

seashell drybag on the beach in lapping waves

Seashell Dry Bag Backpack 25L

I’ve been using this dry bag for a while now. I have to say, I’m impressed. It’s most definitely waterproof, with an extremely well-made, robust feel to it. It has some useful extra features, which I’ll go into in a moment, but suffice to say, it’s practical too. And the best part – it looks fantastic. I think both the “Stone” colour (my choice) and the “Black” version look amazing. I’ve had lots of people ask me about it and pay compliments, so it’s not just me.

me testing the seashell dry bag on a beach in the rain for my review

Waterproof Test: Is it a good dry bag?

As you can see from the picture, I gave it a good test! The ultra-durable 500D PVC material did a sterling job, and the rain rolled right off. Because I love this rucksack so much, I don’t just use it for my waterside escapades. I was working out and about that day and I actually had the bag full of camera equipment, and my laptop.

Even though the rain was unexpected and I was completely underprepared (I didn’t even bring my Seashell Changing Robe), I had every faith that my gear would all stay dry; you can feel the quality of this bag immediately, and with the roll-top closure to create a watertight seal, I knew everything would be okay. And it was.

Of course, the bag isn’t designed for fragile equipment, so it doesn’t have any padding inside, but that’s where jumpers and my Seashell Towelling Robe came to the rescue!

Robust Construction

The material feels super sturdy, and with the strong, flat base it has no problem standing up by itself, which is great when you’re on the beach or on wet ground. The bag is well constructed, with welded seals giving great watertight protection for your gear. The stitching and straps are high-quality, and you can tell this bag isn’t falling apart any time soon.


This backpack has a lot of extra features that make it one of the best on the market and the reason I use it so much.

Seashell dry bag internal capacity


This dry bag has a 25-litre capacity, which is a really nice size to hold the sort of gear you’ll need for a wild swim or a day at the beach. You’ll easily fit your towel or towelling robe, change of clothes, footwear, snacks, keys, phone, wallet and other essentials with room to spare. Sure, there are bigger-sized bags on the market, but personally I prefer something this size as it’s not too cumbersome and still fits all my gear.

The internal chamber is one large compartment, so it’s spacious enough for larger items, but there are also some pockets to help keep smaller items organised. There’s even a clip to attach your keys to stop them getting lost, or to secure things you might not want rattling around inside.

seashell dry bag front pocket


Internally, there is a good-sized zipped pocket that will easily fit wet swimwear and keep it away from dry gear. The elasticated mesh pocket also helps separate items for easy access. The water-resistant front pocket has a water-sealed zip and a velcro flap, so not only can you feel confident the contents will stay dry, but it’s also great for that extra bit of security for items you need easier access to.

On both sides of the dry bag you’ll find elasticated mesh pockets, perfect for water bottles and flasks.


The roll-top closure can be closed in a loop, or you can roll it down straight and clip each side to the adjustable side fastenings, giving you a different look. This versatility is great for when you have different-shaped items in the bag, or when the bag is not quite full. It means you can adapt the size of the bag to its contents, something ordinary zip-up backpacks can’t do.

seashell dry bag straps


The straps are nice and wide with extra padding, so you can wear the bag for extended periods and forget it’s even there. And with the additional back padding, it’s super comfortable to wear. They are fully adjustable, of course, and there’s an adjustable chest strap too for keeping the rucksack extra secure.

seashell dry bag logo
seashell dry bag embroidery


If you own any other Seashell products, you’ll know they always add that extra touch of class with the little details. The beautiful Seashell logo looks gorgeous, and the embroidered branding on the straps gives the bag a really stylish look. As I said, I have had a lot of compliments on this bag, and I use it all the time because it looks great.

My honest opinion

I love it. It’s not only my favourite dry bag, and I own a few, it’s my favourite backpack too. I take it everywhere with me, even when I have no need to keep anything dry, because it looks fabulous and it’s brilliantly practical. If something happened to it, I’d buy another in a heartbeat. So if you’re researching which dry bag to buy, I heartily recommend the Seashell Dry Bag Rucksack.

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